The science of Digital Marketing

The usage of digital marketing is vital in the modern business world. A great tool to improve reach, getting prospects to act and engaging them once they are a client for repeat business.

Website Design and Development 

We believe in not being another web development company. Your website is a natural extension on your brands story.

Search Engine Optimisation 

Your website is build, however your not getting any visitors. We improve visibility so you can be found on the forever growing web.

Social Media

A fantastic tool to get closer to your users. Being used the right way, this channel is great for building your brand.

Graphic Design and Branding

Branding is the core of marketing when considering planning your marketing message. We can aid from start to finish. 

Copy writing and content development 

Copy writing is effectively sales in print. As we have vast experience in offline sales this helps us write sales content online. 

Digital Stratergy and implementation 

Most busienss’s do not have a digital marketing plan. We can help  create a direction that is tried and tested.

The art of selling

Sales and negotiation are the foundation of any business. The bottom line can be improved instantly with increased sales. Below are different ways we can help. 


Multimax have expertise in sales, we can help with planning on negotiating deals to get the most out of a business interaction.


If sales are not your strong point, we can come in and do the process for you. After doing company audit, we can take the helm. 


Training provides your staff with improved outlook on the process. Everyone is in sales, they just don’t know how to harness it. 

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