Sales not your thing? Daunted by the prospect of moving those products off the shelf or peddling your services? Sales isn’t for everyone. It’s OK. We have the answer.

Whether you’re starting a new business or feel it’s time to take it to the next level, there can be no doubt that sales will need to be involved. Not your bag? There is an easier way to achieve your sales objectives…

It’s time…

If your products or services are ready to go yet you’re not ready to start selling, Multimax Marketing can assist you in a number of ways.

We can do your selling for you or we can train you and your team on how to sell. Before we go into more detail, it makes sense for us to explain our ethos.

The word ‘sales’ can conjure up images of tirelessly pushy folk who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals; regardless of whether it is what a prospective customer may or may not need. That is not what we do. Ever.

We believe that if a product or service is genuinely needed by a potential client, then it makes sense to help them by telling them about it and how it can help them.

It is our policy to always make sure a door is left open. Pushy salespeople have doors closed on them. Multimax Marketing don’t.

… to reach your target audience. And your sales targets.

Now you know where our moral compass is at, shall we look at what we can do for you?

OK. We have a team of sales executives who love what they do. This is important for us as we recognise that those who enjoy their work are better at it. Consummate professionals, they can adapt their skill, according to the project type they’re working on.

They are confident and experienced; all bring their own personality and character to their sales projects and all possess an upbeat and positive attitude.

Depending on the size of your project, you will have a designated sales executive or team of executives. Before they pick up a phone on your behalf, they will know all they need to know about your business and its provisions. Where appropriate, they will cross sell, sell in bulk and generally maximise any sales opportunities.

Presenting the offer

Why Multimax Marketing? We can take away that unnerving prospect of selling. We can do it for you. The types of services we can provide include:

  • selling new products and/or services
  • selling established products and/or services
  • selling to prospective customers – and establishing your target audience, if required
  • selling to existing clients
  • shifting stock
  • cross selling
  • series selling
  • bulk selling
  • identifying and increasing market share
  • special promotion selling
  • sales e-shots

Whatever your sales needs, we can help. And it doesn’t stop there.

Sales training

If you feel that sales is an area you’d like to know more about, our one-off training sessions or comprehensive courses may be for you.

Whether you would like to brush up on your closing technique or you would like to know how the sales process flows, we can help. We can also offer training that is tailored to your own business needs.

Need to feel sure that we’re the right choice? Here’s what our customers say…

“Joseph helped me improve my sales by a third, taking a different approach to my sales funnel and lead generation.” – Darren, DMB Masonry, Bristol

“Our conversion rate improve greatly after doing the sales training Multimax offer, highly recommend” – George, ATPW, Yeovil

“My marketing was in place however my sales conversions weren’t great that changed after going through it with Joseph, Thank you” – Sian, Simply Cosmetic

Want to hit those targets today?

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can get started.

So, if you’ve been putting off that fantastic business idea or your targets have been bothering you for some time, why wait?

You can have it all – achieve your goals, your dreams, your lifestyle even – without ever having to pick up the phone, yourself. (Well, maybe just the one call to us.) Call now on 01935 310 or Click Here to contact us for more information.