Social media can be a fantastic tool to get you closer to your users. However, very few organisations really use social media channels to their best effect!

It would be difficult to find many people who don’t have some exposure to social media these days. Of course, we’ve all noticed social media advertising, but there are so many other ways to make this modern miracle work for you. Simply having an active voice on social media will do wonders for your band awareness among potential customers, and gives you a chance to actively change the way people all over the world – or right in your neighbourhood – view your organisation.

We have plenty of experience developing social media accounts for our clients, but that is just the beginning. Making the most of your social media channels requires constant work – many tweets per day, plenty of Facebook posts, Pintrest boards, and even the occasional video. More importantly, you can’t turn the job over to just anyone – one poorly worded tweet or poorly-thought-out post could ruin your company’s reputation.

Multimax’s social media management specialists not only know all the tricks to maintaining a high (and impeccable) social media profile, we have the sensitivity training and experience required to avoid making costly and unpleasant blunders. We can run your entire social media empire for you, delivering a regular bounty of good customer interaction, improved brand awareness, and an increase in visitors to your physical and online stores alike.

And best of all, you can be actually running your business while we carry on.

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We offer a wide range of social media support, as well as fully co-ordinated multichannel, multiplatform social media campaigns. Just a few of our tools include:

·       Influencer marketing – we can handle everything from finding the right kinds of influencers for your brand and market, ensuring that their endorsements and other interactions are on-message, and handling all other aspects from start to finish.

·       Content marketing – We can make sure that your social media posts contain and link back to SEO optimised posts, blogs and articles which will inform, entertain, and most importantly bring in customers.

·       Social media advertising – whether that means reaching out to the 1.5 billion daily Facebook viewers, your partners and customers on LinkedIn, enthusiasts on Instagram or any of the other major social media channels, we’ll select the right platform to put your products and services forward effectively.

Multimax understands that every client is different, and needs very different things from a social media management team. We take the time to identify precisely what sort of SM activity will have the best results for your brand, your reputation and your business, and ensure that we put our heart and soul into giving you the kind of social media presence that will achieve all of your business goals.

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll do it without wasting a penny on poorly planned, irrelevant campaigns which don’t achieve anything for you – something that is all too common in SM management these days!

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