Branding is the core of marketing when considering planning your marketing message. We can aid from start to finish.

No marketing efforts these days can succeed without bold, clear and powerful visual elements. We at Multimax offer a range of graphics design and branding services which will not only help you carve your own place in the market, but in the hearts and minds of your customers!

We’re totally committed to giving our clients the unique and eye-catching visual identity they need at a price they can easily afford. Better still, we can combine your graphics design and branding tasks into a complete managed marketing campaign which can totally revolutionise they way you attract new customers!

Graphics Design Services

A professional image is the first step to establishing confidence in potential customers and business partners alike. Having a clear, powerful and consistent visual profile that begins wit your logo and branding but continues all the way to the typeface of your internal communications is the best way to ensure that your company projects a clear, positive identity to everyone who comes in contact with it. After all, there can be no credibility without professionalism.

Every graphic design project that we complete is the her to years of training, experience and hard work n a very competitive industry. Our graphic designers are not only masters of the latest technologies and methodologies, they are true creatives who know how to apply these techniques to make your customers -both actual and potential – understand and recognise what sets you apart form the competition!

A few things we Cover 

Digital and web PRESENCE design 

We create immersive design that is fantastically user friendly with great conversion rates. Great website design is only half the story.

Social media design And Management

Social media is a fantastic tool for business when used correctly. A social media plan is vital for success in any campaign. 

Presentation to proposal design

Presentations are vital when putting across your point to work or potential clients. We can help with the visuals and the graphics. 

Stationary Design and Merchandise

A brand extents more than just a logo and colour schemes. Improve branding with well designed stationary and merchandise.

Signage and advertising design

The first thing a potential customer notices is the signage or advertisement. This is a key ingredient for gaining attention and leads.  

Menu And brochure design 

Well designed menu’s and brochures can improve an organisations look and feel 10 fold leading to improved customer spend.  

Print and publishing design

Does a book or magazine that needs to be published? We have it covered from top to bottom, taking the hassle out of all the visual work. 

Logo and colour design

Logo design and colour schemes are an integral part of any brand strategy. Let us help pave the way for that logo or brand that just can’t be missed.