Digital marketing sorted yet still need tangible promotional material, like leaflets and brochures? Unsure about what you need? Or where to start? No worries. We can get things underway for you.

Offline marketing is just as vital as online promotion, regardless of how well-established or new your business is. Give your clients something to think about. We’ll show you what we mean…

Stronger together

Before we go any further, it makes sense to explain what we mean by offline marketing. Sometimes referred to as traditional marketing, this form of business promotion doesn’t involve any online marketing or strategies. 

Offline marketing and digital marketing work hand in hand. We highly recommend doing both.

There will be times when one method will be more effective than another (both digital and offline marketing break down into various methods). And you’ll need to consider the people you are targeting, too.

Remarkable though it may seem, there are still folk around who don’t use smartphones or laptops, tablets or other types of devices. Some may use them yet feel more comfortable looking at ‘hard evidence’ of what a company offers. Not everyone trusts the internet and may buy into more traditional forms of printed marketing. It makes good business sense not to miss these people.

Types of offline marketing

There will be some forms of traditional marketing that you are probably already practising. These include encouraging word of mouth recommendations, based on the service you provide; and visiting or creating events, for example.

The forms of traditional print services we offer include:

  • advertisements for printed publications
  • flyers and leaflets
  • brochures
  • posters
  • business cards
  • letterheads
  • compliment slips
  • business stands
  • invoices

All forms of traditional printing are covered.

The process

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs and objectives, we get to work. Depending on the level of assistance you need, we can make recommendations on the marketing materials you are likely to need.

For example, if your aim is to introduce a new product, it’s probably sensible to create an eye-catching leaflet, that you can send out to existing clients, as well as prospective customers.

If you are holding a product launch, you may want a poster too.

Representing your business

Whichever marketing methods you choose, they will all have one thing in common: they will all represent your brand.

When designing them, we consider every single detail, no matter how irrelevant it may seem at first. From the look of your logo, to the images that we use; from the font style and size to the colours and shades, there must be an element of consistency.

The aim is that your brand is instantly recognisable.

Looking for some hard evidence that our offline marketing works? Here’s what our customers say…

We were looking to sell a mobile home and need some posters and brochures that needed to be made, Multimax were flawless from design to delivery

Doris Lock, Locks Acre Mobile Home Park

Ready to get your message out there?

The sooner we have your instructions, the sooner we can begin working on them.

So, whether you know what materials you are going to need, or you’d like some expert guidance on what’s likely to work best for you, call our design team now on 01935 310298 or click here for more information.